Leader in the industry

ZKC Ltd. was founded in 1983, formerly known as Botou Zhangkong Barbell Manufacturing factory. We are one of the first specialized barbell manufacturers in Asia. As leader in the industry, we settled the "Chinese National Norms and Standards of Weightlifting Equipment Manufacturing".

In 2005, ZKC ltd. was established, and became member of China Sports Goods Federation. We relocated our factory in Botou City in Hebei Province.

Since more than 40 years developing, our headquarter currently occupy more than 40000 sqm, including 22000 sqm of manufacturing area. The ZKC crew has quadrupled and now we have more than 100 full-time employees in the worldwide.

Every year, more than 10 000 IWF approved barbells are made and shipped out from our factories. As we persistently improve our production and service, ZKC is qualified IWF Weightlifting Manufacturing Base.


Chase for the excellence

ZKC weightlifting equipment has served the epic weightlifting battles in 2008 (Beijing) Olympic Games. In 2016, ZKC became the exclusive official weightlifting equipment provider for Rio Olympic Games. In Tokyo, ZKC is for the second time the official and exclusive brand for weightlifting events. During this event, more than 20 world and Olympic records were set with ZKC barbells, plates, racks and other equipment.

ZKC has been chosen by multiple national and international competitions: 2009 (Jinan) 11th Chinese National Games, 2009 (Hong Kong) East Asian Games, 2010 (Singapore) Youth Olympic Games, 2010 (Guangzhou) Asian Games, 2011 (Shenzhen) World University Games, 2013 (Shenyang) 12th Chinese National Games, 2014 (Nanjing) Youth Olympic Games, 2015 Oceana Games, and 2020 (Xi'an) Chinese National Games.



We are specialized in weightlifting and powerlifting equipment, from A to Z. As we master design, production, manufacturing and service, we are approved by CWA ( China Weightlifting Association), IWF, Asian, Oceanian, Commonwealth and African Weightlifting Federations. China's professional weightlifting teams widely use ZKC equipment, as so much as we are deeply associated to this legendary training system.

However, our ambition and responsibility overpass borders. We believe steadily in the incomparable worth and value of Weightlifting Sports.


a worldwide ambition

Our equipment is sold to 136 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, India, Iran, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

Our products and service are highly praised by the worldwide customers.

Power and strength are our core value

As meticulous as in weightlifting manufacturing, we develop a solid powerlifting equipment flagship. Same as weightlifting, we design, manufacturer and provide service for every piece of powerlifting barbell, plates, collars, racks, and other products we made.

Unlike most companies in the industry, we don't sell any rebranded products. Everything you buy from ZKC, is made, shipped out by us, and will be taken care by ZKC.